About CyberSWIFT

CyberSWIFT is a customer-driven enterprise information technology and software solutions company with a focus on data-driven web applications, mobile apps for enterprises, Mapping/GIS (Geographical Information System) based services, and cloud-based solutions.


Kishore Patel, President

Paresh Patel, CEO


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Why us

Localized Project Management

Our projects are supervised by our senior management team from our US office with over decades of experience.


The projects are supervised by our senior management team from our US office, including Mr Kishore Patel, an experienced IT leader with over 25 years of experience.


Cultural Understanding

We appreciate the requirements of our clients with deep cultural sensitivity, as we have experience in serving clients across North America and various parts of the world.


Cost Saving

Along with our team in the US, our well-established development teams in India allows us to provide cost effective services that utilizes best of onshore and offshore service model.


Communication Flexibility

We prioritize and work flexible hours for you to ensure effectiveness in communication, as we understand that different phases of project life cycle demand different levels of communication.


Engagement Flexibility

We offer flexible ways of engagement with the clients to meet their needs, such as fixed cost, time & material, and contracting dedicated resources from our pool of resources.

Our Locations

We are a diverse company with a workforce that believes in providing a full-fledged solution to their clients.

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Have a project requirement? Let us identify all your requirements and turn them into a promising solution that fits your business requirement.