Empowering Health Care with Salesforce Health Cloud

Integrated Healthcare Management System using Salesforce Health Cloud for P3

Client & Project Introduction

P3 health partners are a population health management company that supports providers with administrative services and care coordination for Medicare Advantage patients. P3 model aggregates and supports the community’s existing healthcare resources to build a strong network of community providers working together to deliver highly coordinated and integrated care to the patients with a shared commitment to improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and delivering a better experience for all.
They are headquartered in Henderson, NV.
Founded and led by physicians, the P3 health partners team of healthcare providers and service professionals share a revolutionary vision for delivering patient care with passion and purpose.

client requirements

Client Requirements & Challenges

To build an Integrated Healthcare Management System, the following sequence were followed

  • Thorough study and analysis of the existing system and legacy data that were being used by the client so far.
  • Since Salesforce is a cloud based platform where the licensing is majorly user based, the system was to be analyzed to be able to estimate the number of users for licensing purpose
  • Study the feasibility and formats of the legacy data to be able to migrate them to the new solution.
  • To set up a VOIP Call Centre on top of Avaya Solution CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) to enhance and integrate the outreach program of the client with the new centralize systems.

Our Solution

We developed the patient dashboard with relevant information about the patient:

  • As a first step we did multiple sessions with different types of users, based on their roles, like: Care Providers, Pharmacists, Nurses, Administrative Staffs, Doctors, Management
  • Thus we were able to estimate the approximate number of Users for licensing purpose.
  • We studied the system for Gap Analysis. We needed to understand how the legacy system and the process followed by the users could be different from the new system based on Salesforce.
  • We did a detailed analysis of the existing data that were to be migrated into the new system.

dashboard view of multiple modules of salesforce health cloud
mobile and desktop view of patient care management with salesforce health cloud

Project Outcomes & Results

Patient Dashboard

The first module we developed implementing salesforce health cloud, was the Patient Dashboard which includes all the information related to the patient like
  • Patient Information, Health Records, Documents, Medication

Case Module

  • Tagging patients to 7 different types of cases based on the assessment and type of medical attention to be provided
  • Automated generation and assignment of tasks to various health care professionals based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Fetching old medical records and updating the same with current medication and treatment details during the entire tenure of his admission.
  • Preparation of automated checklist and discharge summary. Scheduling of follow-up interaction with the patient based on his treatment and case type.

Call Centre Solution

  • Integration and Implementation of Avaya Contact Centre Solution for Agent based patient outreach program.
  • Localization of the Called ID from where the call is being placed depending on the location of the patient.
  • Automated call script creation based on region, age, gender, past history, etc.

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