iOS Application Development

Experts at CyberSWIFT have extensive experience in iOS app development using Xcode, Swift and the iOS SDK to build customized, purposeful applications for our business clients to fulfill their requirements. Our teams have mastered the skill of harnessing the technological aspects of the Apple devices to deliver a streamlined experience on your devices. They work with you from the conceptualization stage right down till completion of the app, including assistance to submit and get your app approved at Apple App Store.
iOS framework using to make apps

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Case Studies of iOS Apps Development

Find below detailed case studies of apps that have been designed and developed by us.

IIFF Tampa Bay

The app is for the India Film Festival held at Tampa Bay. The app provides information on the event and has features like Social Media Integration, Event Feedback, Movie Reviews and Submission of Images. It helps the user know details about the event.

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app for india film festival
an ios app for manage gis based all data

iData Manager

This app allows the users information about the phone under one screen. The users can get information about the device model, device name, device UDID, and iOS version, battery level status, total contacts on the phone, total disk space, and available disk space. iPod information. Updates about current Geo –Location status etc

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Build My Form

The app assist the users to collect information using dynamic and flexible forms. The users have a web interface to build the form using wizards. The users can assign the form to specific devices which have the software installed. The devices can then start entering data from those specific forms.

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a form submission ios app