PHP Development

CyberSWIFT has a specialized PHP development team with niche skills like open source based development and developing customized software for business to business use. The PHP based developments we specialize in are as follows:

Frameworks where we specialized

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Cake PHP

As per present market environment and business overview, we had been looking for a solution that work rapidly and also in a structured manner with a tons of flexibility. Hence we chose CakePHP, world's most popular open source web development framework for PHP. We have our own CakePHP team who utilize the best things of this framework and build customized CakePHP websites.

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As an ideal tool for developing Web 2.0 applications, Yii is one of the framework which is loaded with Ajax enabled widgets and integrated with jQuery. In CyberSWIFT our PHP developers build complex applications and deliver them on-time with the help of Yii.

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Laravel development

Laravel is an open source PHP web framework which is widely used to web app development. Laravel is one of those languages which requires lesser code than other frameworks to develop the sample application. Laravel has support for built-in user authentication and authorization.

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Code Igniter

For building dynamic web sites Codeigniter is another efficient open source web application framework for PHP. By providing a rich set of libraries, It removes the task of writing code from scratch and enables to develop projects much faster. Our developers are efficient in Codeigniter and capable of solving all requirements.

Content Management Systems

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Wordpress is the most widely used open source Content Management System (CMS). We have experienced Wordpress developers who can use WordPress to develop complicated websites be it a blogging community or an ecommerce website.

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Drupal Development

Drupal is an open source web content management system used to develop secure robust web applications. By using Drupal framework our developers are capable of building complex and customized web applications.

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Joomla is a popular open source CMS (Content Management System) for developing web user friendly websites. Our Joomla developers can easily turn your website concept into a reality.

eCommerce Systems

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Magento is an open source eCommerce platform popularly used by many to develop flawless eCommerce websites. At CyberSWIFT we have expert Magento developers who can turn the concept of your online store into a perfect reality.

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OSCommerce is an open source eCommerce platform widely used for developing eCommerce based websites. At CyberSWIFT, we have expert OS Commerce developers who can help in transforming the concept of online shopping.

CRM Systems

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vtiger CRM

CyberSWIFT offers splendid Vtiger development solutions. Vtiger was forked from SugarCRM with the intentions of creating a fully open source CRM application with functionality that of SugarCRM itself. In CyberSWIFT we build good customer portals that are profitable for the company to not only retain the current customer profile, but also gather in potential and new ones. Vtiger is a widely used CRM product and because of its full open source qualities, Vtiger CRM has a vibrant community of users that drives it forward and contributes to its development.