Health Management Services

GIS has a tremendous role to play in health management. It can be used to efficiently group vast amount of health-related data and represent them on maps. Such spatial visualization of data helps in improving the understanding of the causes and distribution of health issues. Additionally, GIS can be used to track a state’s healthcare infrastructure, identify health trends, anticipate probable epidemics, track the spread of contagious diseases, optimize usage of limited resources etc. As a result, authorities can effectively plan, monitor and administer solutions to restrict the spread of diseases and enhance patient care. CyberSWIFT helps healthcare organizations harness the power of GIS by providing customized web-based solutions. These help health officials to view and correlate data spatially, glean vital insights from it and make crucial decisions based on that.

Health Management Services

Resource Mapping

We map medical centers, blood banks, medical infrastructure, emergency services, healthcare resources, disease-causing factors, etc. to help authorities provide necessary services promptly in the hour of need.

Epidemic Mapping

We equip healthcare authorities with the means to track infectious disease in an area and how they are spreading to multiple locations through our web-based GIS solutions. This acts as a concrete decision-support system.

Referral System Mapping

Our referral system mapping solutions assist efficient public healthcare delivery. Based on this, healthcare officials can refer patients to nearest authorized medical centers depending on the severity of their illness.