CyberSWIFT is one of the leading IT and Geographic Information System (GIS) solution providers catering to the Private, Government, and Educational sectors through its wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) products. As a Value-added Reseller or a channel partner, we help in building IT Solutions comprising products of the below-mentioned OEMs. We expertise in providing software training and technical support on top of the below-mentioned Manufacturer’s platform.



ESRI pioneers in solving problems with the help of GIS. ArcGIS is a leading mapping and spatial analytics software for desktop, SaaS, and enterprise applications to help in gaining greater insights to visualize and analyze your data. ArcGIS products are intended to deliver location intelligence and digital transformation needs for associations, which will help in growing a business.

  • CyberSWIFT is a silver partner with ESRI, reseller, or suppliers of ArcGIS products, ENVI software and is associated for more than 10 Years.
  • ESRI awarded “Partner of the Year in Education” to CyberSWIFT in 2019.
  • We are the most preferred ESRI authorized partners & resellers in the education sector with more than 50+ education customers only in eastern India.
  • Being an authorized ESRI Implementation Partner or ESRI Products supplier, we develop applications on top of ESRI Enterprise products like Arc Advanced Enterprise Server, Arc Standard Server, and also integrate the same with other line applications.
  • We also provide educational training on Desktop products like Arc Advanced Desktop GIS software, Arc Standard desktop GIS software, Arc Pro, and ENVI remote sensing software.

Enterprise DB

Enterprise DB, an organization based in Massachusetts, provides software and services profoundly associated with the open-source database PostgreSQL since 1996. EDB helps customers get the most out of PostgreSQL by developing and integrating performance, security, and manageability enhancements into PostgreSQL. EDB has also developed database compatibility for Oracle to facilitate the migration of workloads from Oracle to EDB Postgres and to support the operation of many Oracle workloads on EDB Postgres.

  • CyberSWIFT is a trusted authorized partner with Enterprise DB.
  • Our capability is to design and develop database architecture on top of EDB Postgres and integrate with Software Applications.
  • We also help in migrating data from any Database to EDB Postgres.
  • Apart from development, we are also involved in selling EDB Subscription for maintenance.

Dell Technologies

Dell is an American international PC innovation organization, who creates, sells, fixes, and supports PCs and related products and services since 1 Feb 1984.

  • Partner with Dell for implementing Data Centre Solution for the past 5 Years.
  • We are Capable of implementing Server Solution, Security Solution, Backup Solution on DELL, and Integration with other Software and Hardware solutions.


Trimble provides GIS professionals & surveyors with innovative GNSS survey solutions which is reliable & can meet their distinctive requirement, Trimble has integrated solutions which allow surveyors to manage and analyze complex information faster & making them more productive & efficient, they have set the quality for positioning technologies & CyberSWIFT as a resellers Trimble GNSS products in India is catering to various Govt. & Education department.

  • CyberSWIFT is a reseller or supplier of GNSS instruments, Electronic Total Station C5instruments, DGPS, Scanner, and Handheld GPS to Government and education clients. We are one of the most trusted authorized partners, suppliers, and resellers of Trimble products in the eastern region.
  • We are one of the most trusted authorized partners of Trimble products in the eastern region.
  • We have supplied Trimble hardware instruments to more than 15+ Government and educational clients.


Hexagon is a global technology group headquartered in Sweden. Hexagon Geospatial empowers to collect, process, analyze and understand raw geospatial data, and ultimately deliver usable information it includes Hexagon Geospatial offers GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry based products and also enterprise products like Geomedia WebMap Server, Apollo Server, etc. having the capability to deliver an enterprise geospatial platform engineered to support large numbers of users to operate desktop products web-enabled products.

  • CyberSWIFT is an authorized channel partner and reseller of Hexagon Geospatial for the past 10 Years.
  • Authorized Software Developer and Implementation Partner on Hexagon server products like Geomedia Smart client, Geomedia web map server, photogrammetry, and Erdas Apollo server.
  • Apart from development we are also involved in the distribution of Erdas Imagine professional and Geomedia professional desktop software to Government and Educational Customers.
  • We are experienced in working with more than 30+ Government and Educational clients with Hexagon products.

HP Enterprise

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is an American global IT company situated in California, established on November 1, 2015, as a splitting part of the Hewlett-Packard organization. HPE is focused on two divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support, and Financial Services.

  • CyberSWIFT works as also a value-added reseller of HP enterprise.
  • CyberSWIFT is capable of implementing data centers and hardware setups with HP products and services.


Microsoft is an American worldwide technology organization. It develops, manufactures, licenses, and sells PC software, consumer electronics, PCs, and related administrations.

  • CyberSWIFT is an authorized partner in the Microsoft partner network (MPN partner).
  • We have expertise in providing solutions with Microsoft Technology like C#, .Net. etc.
  • We are proficient with database design, development, and migration on Microsoft SQL Server.