Mining Solution & Services

Mining is an inherently spatial industry. The success of mining operations relies on the effective collection and presentation of geospatial data. Central to these efforts lies a revolutionary GIS (Geographic Information System) that provides the necessary tools to collate, visualize and analyze massive volumes of geographic data. GIS can extensively be used during the development phase of a mining operation. It can be employed to identify optimal locations for conducting various mining operations, evaluate mining conditions, assess environmental impact, design operational plans, and more. The mining industry has quickly realized the importance of GIS (Geographic Information System) for mining and has begun implementing the same. We provide GIS-based solutions to help improve the efficiency of mining operations by digitizing cadastral maps based on inputs from detailed surveys and high-resolution satellite imagery, developing a web-based mining information system, and more.

Mining Solution & Services

Geo-referencing of Maps

Georeferencing cadastral maps, forest compartment maps, using sharp Ground Control Points (GCPs) of the areas of interest collected through DGPS surveys.


Our geospatial survey solutions implement multiple tools like DGPS, total station, drones etc. to collect accurate data and utilize them for digitizing cadastral maps.

GIS-based Mining Solutions

We conduct GIS mapping using remote sensing technology, design & develop web-based GIS applications that act as information banks for pressing ahead with mining operations, etc.