Urban Development Department is comprised of multiple sub-departments & they have own responsibility for city development of various assets. The power of the Geographic Information System (GIS), spatial analysis, and modelling enable the Urban Planning & Development department to understand, visualize & improve in productivity, processes & efficiency of the current scenario in a form of digital maps of all the assets, which can contribute to a variety of important planning tasks, e.g. site selection, land suitability analysis, land use and transport modelling, the identification of planning action areas, and impact assessments. CyberSWIFT brings to the table comprehensive technical know-how, decades of experience, smart infrastructure, and professional expertise for achieving the goal of excellence in urban and regional planning. Our geospatial services encompass GIS-based master plan preparation, land use management, Base Map preparation, utility survey & mapping, Property Survey and other aspects to facilitate resource management, GIS-based property tax system, e-governance, Scheme & Project Monitoring etc.

Municipal GIS Mapping Service

GIS maps in a Municipality are a prerequisite for any city-level development. Our core Remote Sensing, GIS & Survey team is capable to prepare the base map, contour, DEM/DTM through the help of existing administrative boundary maps, high-resolution satellite images, ground-truthing & DGPS/ETS survey. These will help the department for better decision-making.

Utility Network Mapping

A City/Municipal map without a utility network is incomplete. A digital, geo-referenced utility map of water pipeline, drainage network, sewerage network, power network, etc, has been developed from the secondary sources & combination of DGPS/ETS survey. Our utility mapping services & analytics required for streamlining urban development.

Property or Household Survey

It is mostly required for updated tax estimation as well as finding out unassessed properties under the jurisdiction of the ULBs (Urban Local Bodies). Through paperless mobile/tab-based surveys of the properties with geo-tagging. Our capable team of 150+ professional surveyors has conducted more than 15,00,000+ household surveys.

Mapping of the Municipal Assets

Mapping of the municipal assets like road, building, vat, solid waste bin, electrical utility, shops, water pipeline, etc. can be done through our GIS-based integrated mobile app by the municipal staff own self, which will help the department to map the existing assets in a quick interval whenever required without the intervention of the third party.

Scheme Progress Monitoring System

Monitoring any ongoing schemes or projects is key for any ULBs(Urban Local Bodies). Through our SPMS system with an integrated mobile app, can help in inspection of the ongoing schemes, management also can view the scheme or asset location on the map with the progress of the work, operational as well as financial, through reports and dashboard.

Urban Planning

Our urban planning team is capable of preparation of GIS-based Master Planning, Regional Planning, DDP, Town Planning Schemes, etc, which include analysis, recommendations & proposals for a site's population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, and land use under different Govt. Schemes like AMRUT, Smart City, Urban Transport, NULM, etc.