Swift CSR


TechCSR is a Web-GIS Solution widely used by corporate houses to manage their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility ) activities. It automates the efforts expended in the CSR process at different levels and lets them plan their goals efficiently.


Land Acquisition & Management System

LAMS is a custom Web-GIS solution designed to ease the complex process of Land Acquisition. It lets you manage, manipulate and keep track of all the data and activities involved at various stages of a Land Acquisition process.


Build My Forms

Build My Forms (BMF) is a handy data entry solution for your workforce. It lets you layout and create personalized form with a comprehensive list of elements like Geo-tagging, bar code scanning and lets you access quick data from the field.



SwiftAnalytix is an intuitive, Map-based Business Intelligence solution that helps retailers increase their sales, boost their profitability, magnify the market opportunities, reduce risks, cut down costs and optimize their retail business.


Project Progress Monitoring System

Project Progress Monitoring System (PPMS) is a comprehensive web and mobile-based GIS solution that can provide real-time insights regarding the progress of a project from the ground level.