Election Management System

We deliver solutions that aid administrative activities conducted before the election starts through the use of innovative IT solutions. The process of election is quite elaborate. It is conducted in a number of phases and constitutes a range of activities. Increasingly, technology-based solutions are being implemented to make this procedure as smooth and flawless as possible. We provide services that work as concrete decision-support systems for taking a systematic approach towards conducting elections. Our solutions act as platforms for sharing information, visualizing data, analyzing situations, collaborating with officials and meeting the challenges of conducting effective election.


Conducting rigorous meetings is a vital part of the pre-election process. We have developed mobile-based solutions that help in conducting meetings with remotely-located election officials.

web monitoring and tracking app

Here's a quick look at some of the features of the web meeting and training applications:

  • Our secure video conferencing solutions are equipped with a host of tools to simplify meetings across various platforms.
  • An in-built calendar lets users schedule meetings on the go.
  • Users can join a live meeting from anywhere, enjoy good quality audio and video, invite multiple officials and more

This app can be used for effective monitoring and tracking of pre-election meetings. In addition to a web meeting tool, we have also developed a dedicated tool for conducting training of election officials situated at multiple remote locations.


We have developed customized geospatial solutions for election management that act as platforms for consolidating election-related data making them readily available to the officials. This application allows officials to identify suitable polling booth locations, allocate teams for various election-related activities, view the amenities present in the polling booths, visualize the location of various facilities near the booths, design a suitable response plan for unprecedented activities etc. This web-based GIS application not only works as a platform for data analysis but also as a decision-support system for election monitoring

customized geo-spatial solution for election management


Polling stations are usually strategically located to ensure that voters within a specific region can access the booth easily during the designated period. It is also important to meet polling place facility requirements for smooth election management. For example, buildings must have adequately-sized rooms that can sufficiently accommodate all voting devices, check-in stations for voters and have enough space for the voters to wait in line. Additionally, medical, sanitation, security and other requirements should also be met. Our solutions include gathering this information and developing applications integrated with these details to help officials determine whether the buildings selected are suitable for the purpose. In addition to monitoring the facilities present, this platform can also be used to categorize the sensitivity of the areas. Based on this, appropriate security measures are undertaken to prevent misconduct.

Facility management service