Times of India Article on Monitra


CyberSWIFT developed MONITRA for the administration of Murshidabad district also 1st time in India . This is a very simple,probing and analytical tool that become shot in arm for the district administration. This application software , being a Web enabled geographic information system offers the quickest and the surest way of knowing the progress of any works in real time or over a period of time, with just a click. Also track and view the monitoring movements of inspecting officials on their track.

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GIS based poll monitoring system dashboard

Mobile Live Tracking System

The scope of the project is to create a GIS based application for the Election Commission. With the help of the application, the administration wanted to monitor the polling procedure taking place in different polling booths belonging to the Assembly Constituencies. The sector officers, require this application to check the polling booths that comes under his jurisdiction during election procedure.

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Land Acquisition Management System dashboard for TATA Steel

Land Acquisition Management System for TATA Steel

The software development team at CyberSWIFT Infotech developed innovative land acquisition management software for the prestigious TATA Steel enabling easy update on land management information.

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iOS app for India International Film Festival, Tampa Bay

India International Film Festival, Tampa Bay

CyberSWIFT LLC bagged the opportunity to develop an iPhone app for the prestigious India International Film Festival held at Tampa Bay. The app is also available on the app store for easy download.

Grievance management system model flow chart

Indian state launches GIS-based grievance management system

CyberSWIFT Infotech assisted the Government of Jharkhand in coming up with a GIS-based grievance management system. The system aims at being a platform between the Government of Jharkhand and the people of the state.

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Grievance Management System

Your CM on your phone

CyberSWIFT Infotech assisted the Government of Jharkhand with an online grievance management system. The website designed and developed by the dedicated software development team at CyberSWIFT helps the people of the state lodge their complaints online.

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Webcamera Mounted Vehicles

Webcasting through Vehicle Mounted Cameras

The scope of the project is to monitor sensitive areas on the day of poll using Vehicle Mounted Cameras. High Resolution Close Circuit cameras will be installed on top of Election Monitoring Vehicles and feeds of the same will be casted over web.

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