Webcasting through Vehicle Mounted Cameras

The Close Circuit cameras would be connected to a NVR, Network Video Recording device which would capture the video, convert in digital format and upload the same to the web using internet connection. For better bandwith and upload speed multiple data cards will be used simultaneously via bandwith aggregation technology. The NVR would also store a copy of the video on the device for future reference. The system will work with as low as 100 Kbps upload speed and would be aimed to deliver fairly good picture quality and viewer experience. The viewing software would be available on an internet IP address and can be accessed using username and password from any computer.

All servers and other networking device used in this process were located in India and special care was taken, keeping in mind the sensitiveness of the election procedures.

Webcamera Mounted Vehicles

Specification of the system:


Chief Electoral Office, West Bengal

In Bye Election 2013 and Lok Sabha Election 2014