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Project Progress Monitoring System (PPMS) is an Information Technology (IT) based Project Monitoring System that helps in tracking the progress of Infrastructure Development projects like buildings, roads, bridges, pipelines etc. with real-time geotagged data directly from the field.

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PPMS is an intelligent mix of Geospatial Information System (GIS) and various Management Information Systems (MIS) for providing a highly effective project monitoring & management mechanism.

One Platform to Manage All Your Projects

Core Utilities:

  • Intelligent Interactive Dashboard for project progress analysis and decision support.
  • Central repository of all projects and related documents.
  • Estimation of Project Cost and Timeline.
  • Project Milestone Monitoring and Notification on delay.
  • Physical Progress Monitoring using Geotagged Photographs and Videos.
  • Financial Progress Monitoring with integrated fund management and e-measurement book.
  • GIS based Project Progress Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Integrated Document Management System.
  • Legal and Court Case Management.
  • Trained Project Monitoring Manpower for providing Technical Consultancy and Field-level support.
  • Integration of Aerial Videos and Mobile Video Footage for surveillance and monitoring.
  • Manpower Resource Planning and Tracking.
  • Field Level Attendance Monitoring.
  • Easy to use Report generation tool.
  • Vendor Performance Analysis & Management.

Industries We Serve

construction excavator Icon

Construction Project Monitoring System can help in monitoring construction projects like Highways, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Metro Railways and other Infrastructure Development.

oil gas electricity utilities icon

Utilities Tracking Utility Construction Projects like Power Distribution & Transmission Network, Telecom Tower and OFC Network and Water Distribution.

Forestry Icon

Forestry PPMS helps in tracking forestry projects like Plantation and Afforestation, Development of Forest Infrastructure and Forest Boundary Pillaring.

Public Services Icon

Public Services Monitoring public services like Development of Drainage & Sewerage Network, Solid Waste Management, Healthcare & Public Welfare Projects etc.

Oil & Gas Icon

Oil & Gas Project Monitoring System can monitor & manage Oil and Gas projects like Construction of Pipeline Network. Oil & Gas gathering Structures, Leakage & Outage Management etc.

real-time geotagged, web-based project monitoring dashboard's desktop

Project Monitoring Portal

  • Web based Application for monitoring the entire project life cycle.
  • Smarter Project Planning with integrated Resource and Fund Management.
  • Milestone based tracking for every sub project and task.
  • Visualizing Physical Progress with real-time field data and photographs.
  • Financial Progress of Project with integrated e-measurement book.
  • Thematic view on projects and project components running delayed.
  • Instant Report Generation in MS Excel and PDF Format.
  • Manpower efficiency monitoring.
dgps survey report entry & gis map of a site inspections mobile app version

Electronic Measurement Book (e-MB)

  • Measurement book is a major instrument in maintaining accounts of work done on contracts. Measurements stored in this book stores complete record of facts and figures which is also a permissible evidence in the court of law.
  • PPMS is integrated with a web and mobile based electronic measurement book system software(e-mb), which will help in real time calculation of projects progress, expense, and timeline.
  • Any type of bill like Advance Bill, Running Bill, Supplementary Bill, Negative Quantity Bill, Final Bill & Contractor Ledger etc. can be managed and updated using this module.
  • All payments against the work done or material/equipment purchased are maintained in our Project Monitoring System via e-mb module.
dgps survey report entry & gis map of a site inspections mobile app version

Site Inspection App

  • Mobile Application for Field Officials.
  • Capture Geotagged Photographs and Videos.
  • Geo-fenced App for enhanced security.
  • Allocate Forms Remotely.
  • Uninterrupted work with Offline Storage.
  • Available in both Android and iOS.
  • Document Scanning and storage.
drone view of an ongoing construction project desktop mode

UAV Integration

  • Monitor large construction like road, building, canals, bridges, and critical structures.
  • Contractual Supervision with UAV as a service.
  • Date wise storage of drone footage for project progress analysis.
  • Options for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Flights depending upon project nature.
thematic mapping of completed vs ongoing projects

Geospatial Analysis

  • Visualize project locations over Google Map/ Bing Map/ ESRI Base Maps etc.
  • Supervise Field Inspection with Geotagged Field Report.
  • Thematic mapping of Completed vs Ongoing Projects.
  • Locate Projects running in delay.
  • Navigation to project location with Google Map Integration.
project progress analysis through data analysis

Project Management System Dashboard

  • Dashboard for Analysis and Decision Support.
  • Locate projects missing deadline and milestone.
  • Project progress details with Photographs and Videos.
  • Interactive Report Generation tool.
  • Notification on delayed task and projects.
  • Attendance and Resource Monitoring.
  • Message Broadcasting at multiple levels.
project monitoring room for real-time project progress analysis

Integrated Project Monitoring Unit

  • Setting up of Integrated Command Control Centre at a Central Location.
  • Dedicated Hardware Setup with Server, Storage, Computers and Video Wall Setup.
  • Integrated Telephony Application to communicate with the Field Teams.
  • Deployment of Project Monitoring Team for handling the PMU and Infrastructure
  • Deployment of Project Inspection Manpower for field-level inspection from Project Site.

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