Localligence has been working with CyberSWIFT since 2009, and use them exclusively for all our out-sourced development projects. Previously we had gone through three different companies, none were able to keep pace with our work or to follow our exacting standards. CyberSWIFT was the first company that exceeded these requirements and have, over the course of the last several years, become trusted developers and advisors to our business. Our dedicated team of seven have all become domain experts in our space and communicate with both local developers as well as clients – often working night shifts to ensure projects get completed and deployed on time. The team’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled and they have frequently risen to the challenge - without complaint. They have also been instrumental in helping us plot a steady development course that keeps us at the forefront of new technologies and ensures that our suite of software services and solutions are always current and industry leading. I unreservedly recommend CyberSWIFT.
Brent McKendry, Localligence LLC
Optimum Technology has worked with CyberSWIFT on and off for over five years with multiple development projects where they have always come through with expected delivery. Whether it is data analysis, new development or enhancements of an existing application, Kishore Patel and CyberSWIFT have been up to the task, professional and responsive. Their lower cost has often helped us reduce our cost of development significantly when working with them. It is a pleasure to recommend them.
Josh M. Davda, Optimum Technology, Inc.
Prime3SG had a GIS development project involving analysis of land parcels for a city government customer with limited budget. We engaged CyberSWIFT as our subcontractor who reviewed the project with our team, understood the challenges and laid out a phased plan for delivery. Once the project was given, they implemented the project professionally and it was delivered both within time and budget to customer satisfaction.
Nanda Nair, PRIME AE Group and PRIME 3SG
We associated with Cyber-Swift for exploring solution to manage our CSR activities through technology interface. We are happy with the solution provided by the agency including the concurrent assistance for any amendments. The Application provided gives us a visual interface to all our CSR activities and enable us to take informed decision on CSR investments as well as to track the project progress.
Anurag Mishra- Head CSR, Cipla
Anurag Mishra, Cipla
An Exceptional Team Since Day One!
Working with CyberSWIFT has been nothing less than exceptional. The focus and dedication provided by their team, not only makes working with an overseas company effortless, but it assures me that each of my projects will turn out just the way I envisioned them, and that has been true since. I’ve been working with CyberSWIFT for well over a year now and have developed several large-scale websites. I’ve been very pleased with all the work rendered by the team, such as, custom coding, CMS systems, and dynamic landing pages. I really look forward to doing more work together, because in the long run, a strong work relationship not only creates positive energy, but allows us to be creative, and produce high quality work. Thank you, CyberSWIFT for playing a strong role in my business.
James Rosales (Founder, Creative Director) CreativeOrigins