Comprehensive Enterprise Resource & Productivity Management Software

Highly customizable web and mobile-based software solution to track employee productivity and ensure their performance aligns with the organisation’s goals. It enables you to strategically distribute your workforce seamlessly across locations to generate best PnL.

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employee productivity and project mangement dashboard

A central solution to handle everything from Project Planning, Budget Allocation, Resource Assignment, Attendance & Task Verification, Team Management to Productivity & Profit Calculation.

New Age Work Analytics and Employee Productivity Software

human resource management software icon

Human Resource Management

enterprise asset management software

Asset Management

salescrm pipeline management tool


project & progress monitoring software

Project & Progress Tracking

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Finance & Procurement

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Productivity Profit & Loss Enhancement Tool

a monitoring dashboard showing the analysis of project progress, employee productivity, finance procurement & locational analysis
Data Analytics
  • track land acquisition stages icon
    Profit & Loss Enhancement Software: Determine Department Wise, Project-wise, Individual wise Profitability
  • monitoring & tracking court cases, advocates icon
    HR Management Software: Web-based Central Employee Repository with hrms attendance management system via GPS location based Mobile and Biometric integration
  • family tree icon
    Enterprise Resource Management: Enterprise Asset Registration, Request, Assignment, Barcode /QR code tagging, cost incurred
  • resettlement, compensation & payments icon
    Sales Cycle: Prospect tracking of all clients, vendors, partners with history for more effective communication
  • pending approvals icon
    Project Management: Project divided into multiple milestones with dynamic weightage
  • central documents repository icon
    Project Progress Analysis: Track & Monitor project progress against predefined start dates, end dates, budget and targets against tasks
  • plot value estimation icon
    Financial Interpretation: Budget Calculation based on the Schedule of Rates
  • erp payment modules icon
    Predictive Analysis: Gain insights into shortcomings, capacity planning and strategies for future operations
  • customized dashboard icon
    Reporting Tools: Customized Dashboard and Reports downloadable in Excel or CSV formats.
Location Analytics
  • loaction analysis icon
    Real-time updates from project location with geo-tagged photographs, videos, attributes of task completion.
  • work from home icon
    Compare metrics of work from home, remote solo locations, and traditional concentrated facilities (offices, factories, retail)
  • tagging project video icon
    Tagging the project video frame wise (Line/Point/Polygon)
  • location-based employee attendance monitoring via mobile app icon
    Attendance from field via mobile app check-in, check-out
  • task data management checklist
    Managers can verify even geotagged field task data sitting at office
  • location wise asset & resource management
    Multiple office location wise asset & resource availability.
real-time updates from project location with geo-tagged photographs, videos, attributes of task completion

CERP Software Simple Pricing Section

Comprehensive Enterprise Resource & Productivity Management (CERP) Software is entirely customisable to suit everyone’s needs. Available in multiple versions it can adapt to your requirement.


CERP for Small Business

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CERP for Large Business

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