Forest and Environment

GIS is a prerequisite instrument in the conservation, regeneration, and management of forests and the environment. GIS has immense contribution in the field of forest protection and management by keeping clear records and proper planning which helped to monitor easier for the environmentalists. CyberSWIFT has advanced capabilities in the field of forest management by demarcating boundary pillars and developing GIS and MIS applications for systematic supervision additionally experienced with plantation and bamboo monitoring by preparing maps and accurately assessing them with Geospatial analysis and accuracy check. Forest degradation and zones of afforestation can also be precisely mapped with our extensive experience in GIS and Remote Sensing.

Forest and Environment Solution

DGPS Survey of Compensatory Afforestation Land

DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) survey of lands earmarked for compensatory afforestation as per the guidelines stipulated by MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forests). In addition to DGPS survey, these projects also involved generation of georeferenced maps of the areas of interest.

Demarcation of Forest Boundary

CyberSWIFT contributes to various projects like demarcating boundary pillars using DGPS survey, mapping, assessment, analysis, and developing GIS & MIS applications to systematically organize and plan forest management by orderly collection & retrieval of geospatial data.

Bamboo Monitoring

Bamboo being an important economic resource, focusing on it was relevant and effective. CyberSWIFT with its extensive GIS and Remote Sensing experience worked on Bamboo monitoring by delineating bamboo forest, preparing forest map & also preparing density-wise bamboo stock map with an estimation of harvestable growing stock of bamboo.

Plantation Monitoring

Monitoring the plantation is necessary for managing its health, fire outbreak, and harvesting. The contribution of GIS & Remote Sensing technology in this field has made the arduous task easier by representation through maps & Geospatial analysis like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Perpendicular Vegetation Index (PVI), and various other vegetation indices with proper change detection.

Forest Management Solutions

The purpose of this solution is to equip the department with a single-window application to systematically organize, planning, implementation and monitoring of forestry and other related operations by systemic collection storage and retrieval of MIS and Geospatial data.

Afforestation Deforestation

With GIS & Remote Sensing technology, afforestation & deforestation measures are selectively planned & methodically implemented to maintain ecological balance. In recent, remote sensing technology has made our forest cover analysis more precise. The Spatio-temporal distribution of forest cover can be accurately monitored and mapped delineating our deforested zones and finding areas for afforestation.