Bamboo Classification and Stock Mapping in Diphu Forest Area

About the project

The Forestry Department of Karbi Anglong district of Assam had a requirement of mapping bamboo density and stock in the Diphu forest area extending across 8500 sq. km approximately. The scope of work for this project included development of land use, land cover and forest maps, generation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and slope, aspect and relief maps and bamboo stock mapping. We took up the work and completed it successfully.

Objectives of the Project

The primary objective of this project was to develop an application for visualization of the bamboo stock spread across the forest area. This would provide a decision-support system for the authorities to implement action plans in these zones.

Bamboo Stock Mapping

Solutions Offered by CyberSWIFT

  • Creation of land use and land cover maps of the Karbi-Anglong district based on the satellite imageries provided to us.
  • Preparation of forest map depicting the delineation of the bamboo forest. This map classifies the bamboo density as pure bamboo, very dense, dense, moderately dense, scattered, sparse and the areas where bamboo is present but clumps have been completely hacked by people.
  • Creation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) based on the toposheets from Survey of India and the Ground Control Points (GCPs) collected through GPS survey. These were provided to us by the client. The DEM provides a view of the 3-dimensional undulation of the forest area.
  • Preparation of slope, aspect and relief maps based on the DEM.
  • Bamboo stock mapping to identify the regions in the forest where the bamboo density is high. This helps in estimating the harvestable growing stock of bamboo.

The features and capabilities of the WEIIIS to be developed will include the following:

  • Slope, aspect and relief of the bamboo-covered area
  • Bamboo stock

Final Deliverable

We delivered a desktop-based GIS application that maps:

  • Land use and land cover of the entire Karbi-Anglong district
  • Bamboo classification of the forest area based on the density
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of the forest area

The work was completed successfully and was found satisfactory by the client.