We create DEM/DTM and contour maps to equip urban planners with landscape details. Such in-depth spatial information can help in slope pattern and watershed analysis, buffer zone generation etc. DEM/DTM and contour maps are necessary for the formulation of engineering solutions and are indispensable for efficient urban development.


We use advanced tools to create Digital Elevation Models(DEM) that provide an in-depth analysis of the land for urban planning and management. We create DEM from high-resolution satellite imagery using digital photogrammetry technology. DEMs are useful frameworks on which networks for sewerage and drainage, solid waste movement, roads, telecommunication, optical fiber etc. can be mapped. These can also be used for transportation and infrastructure planning, flood management etc.

digital elevation model for urban development and planning DIGITAL TERRAIN MODEL (DTM)


A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) adds further layers like terrain information, elevation of man-made structures etc. to enhance the Digital Elevation Model (DEM). It comprises regularly spaced points representing distinct terrain features of the bare earth. We generate detailed and accurate DTMs of the areas of interest for contour generation, land use mapping etc. These DTMs have application areas in planning road networks, efficient traffic management, drainage, sewerage network and railway network planning and management of other features.

digital terrain model - road networks and railway network planningDigital Terrain Model (DTM)


We generate accurate contour maps using methods like image processing, topographical survey, contour vectorization, labeling and editing. These contour maps form the necessary frameworks for various engineering projects that require slope analysis, generation of layout planning maps etc.

GIS in gas pipeline network Contour Mapping