Our adequately skilled teams and advanced GIS software work cohesively for efficient urban planning and development. As the world moves towards urbanization with the establishment of smart cities, GIS powers efficient urban planning to expedite the process. We provide geospatial services that aid planning and development authorities in the process of updating old infrastructure, monitoring traffic and transportation, identifying the feasibility of a location for environmental or social planning etc.


Synchronizing regional and urban planning, both general and physical is a vital aspect of urban development. We utilize advanced techniques and tools to geospatially map the areas of interest. This is vital for the development of a decision-support system for improved urban planning.

uurban and regional planning


GIS technology can help in planning, managing and monitoring strategic infrastructure for transportation. This technology is an essential communication tool for transportation planners to convey their ideas, designs and planning decisions to related authorities visually. Our solutions combine the power of spatial data and advanced software to plan cost-effective routes, devise strategies to reduce congestion, improve operations and establish smart connectivity.

Strategic infrastructure monitoring for Transportation


The growing challenges faced by the urban developmental authorities due to rapid urbanization demands efficient planning, monitoring and management of the features of an area. GIS technology has proved to be a vital decision-support system for various Development Authorities. We provide GIS-based solutions in different urban applications like road network management, land bank monitoring, examining health and sanitation problems, planning of industrial areas, improvements of parks and more.

development authority using GIS technology


Environmental and social planning relies on geographic data. We implement GIS to bring a complete range of location-based information to your fingertips. Such solutions can aid in risk assessment, help understand impacts of planning decisions on the environment, facilitate review of policies pertaining to infrastructure management, examine procedures for dealing with waste management and pollution, plan business strategies based on various demographics etc.

environmental-and-social-planning-Urban Planning