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With years of Salesforce and technical staffing experience, CyberSWIFT has been helping clients connect with their target audience, track customer activity, and access key insights from the sales pipeline.

Hire Skilled and Certified Salesforce Professionals

With years of Salesforce and technical staffing experience, CyberSWIFT has been helping clients connect with their target audience, track customer activity, and access key insights from the sales pipeline.

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Salesforce Developer(s)

Our developers with their in-depth learning, credentials, and years of experience can make your ideas come to reality. Employing a Salesforce developer is essential to the success of your company since they may expand and modify Salesforce platform apps using their programmatic and declarative skills.

Our certified Salesforce developers can assist you in creating products and apps utilising low-code tools and programming languages, depending on which approach is most appropriate for a given problem because they have practical expertise with Apex, LWC, and a thorough understanding of the core clouds.

Salesforce Consultant(s)

In order to create possibilities, customize the platform, and enable users to effectively utilize Salesforce, Salesforce consultants work in partnership with stakeholders. Their professional counsel is always supported by in-depth information and research of the relevant sector.

Our knowledgeable and dependable Salesforce consultants will determine how to make the most of your Salesforce instance using either built-in Salesforce functions or by offering a perfect, fully customized, and highly functioning solution.

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a cyberswift expert is developing .net

Technical Architect(s)

The technical architects at Salesforce are your go-to resource for business expertise and technological know-how. They build solutions that automate operations, saving you time and money while scalable for future expansion. They are responsible for maintaining the full development lifecycle, coordinating your business interests, and maximising the return on your investment.

The plan for new IT systems and solutions was designed by our Salesforce certified expert architect. By weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each choice, they will help your company decide on the best course of action.

Project Manager(s)

The connecting points that bring together the Salesforce technical architects, consultants, developers, and quality assurance engineers in perfect harmony to provide smooth collaboration and optimal efficiency in the development process are business analysts/project managers.

From creating user stories and pertinent paperwork to overseeing the project's overall progress and liaising with the customer and internal team. Our business analyst keeps the project on track and within budget while concentrating on the broader business goal, providing a seamless solution that satisfies your company's needs.

android, ios, flutter, ionic development


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Hiring Model

  • Fixed Price Hiring

    If you have a well-defined project outline with the least likelihood of changes, you can hire a consultant from CyberSWIFT on a fixed cost basis.

  • Hourly Hiring

    For short-term and small-scale projects, choose our hourly billing model and pay for only the number of hours worked by developers.

  • Dedicated Hiring

    Hire Salesforce Developers on a full-time basis to create custom web and mobile apps at fixed pricing. Our certified Salesforce developers are available round the clock.

  • Individual Resources

    CyberSWIFT offers hourly rates for flexible hiring of Salesforce Developers to build your mobile and web apps. Guaranteed 160 hours are provided as per your availability with direct access to resources.

  • Hire Surge Squads

    Need a team to scale up your Salesforce development efforts? Select from a pool of expert developers, testers, and managers to build your team and get a custom solution for your business in no time.

  • Hire Individual

    Don’t need a team? Hire individual resources from our talented pool of Salesforce experts to complete your team and develop your custom solution.

How to Hire

Share Your Requirements

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Conduct Interviews

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Set Your Terms

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Remote Onboarding

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