The utility sector which was once considered a slow-moving industry, is now seeing a huge range of innovations and improvement in technology. It is very important for the energy and utility organizations to understand business trends and create a successful IT strategy in this market.

GIS in Utilities Services and Solutions

Power Distribution

Through DGPS surveys of the map and creating a GIS database for the power distribution system. This helps companies to locate connectivity issues, usage of available resources, identify energy loss & make well-informed decisions based on these.

Power Transmission

Accurate transmission relies on GIS, which helps in the smooth movement of electrical energy. Our GIS solution in the power system will help in transmission network mapping for managing critical assets, tracking obstacles.

City Gas Distribution

CGD is the usage of GIS and MIS for the distribution of natural gas through pipeline networks. It has helped a large number of companies in asset management, route survey and mapping, project monitoring, and leak and outage analysis.


The objective of the service is to prepare a Fixed Asset Register (FAR) through physical verification, collection of data, record identification, valuation of all fixed assets of Power Utilities.

Water Pipeline

Implementation of GIS provides information and effective strategies for optimizing water-related operations. Our GIS analytics can help companies allocate resources appropriately to improve water supply coverage.


Implementation of GIS in the Telecom sector will help companies to optimize the usage of resources and achieve operational efficiency in developmental planning.