Effective pipeline planning and management require appropriate visualization of the pipeline networks through mapping. With the help of GIS data, we enable companies to take the right course of action for operational excellence of their pipeline-related requirements in water as well as oil and gas domains. We implement the latest DGPS tools to accumulate information and generate accurate GIS maps of available resources, assets, pipeline networks etc. to equip pipeline-based companies with an accurate digital database and effective geospatial maps.


Water is one of the most crucial utilities that require appropriate management and distribution. A reliable GIS database provides a pool of vital information for devising and implementing effective strategies for optimizing water-related operations. Our GIS analytics are utilized for water supply mapping, managing assets etc. This can help companies allocate resources appropriately to improve water supply coverage.

One of our noteworthy projects includes DGPS survey and utility mapping of the water distribution network for an environment improvement program for the purpose of developing a single-point-access system to the network for efficient performance analysis.

pipeline GIS for water utilities

Corridor & Land Use Mapping

We utilize smart and innovative land use and corridor mapping techniques to create an accurate navigation mesh of overhead and underground water pipelines. We take into consideration an assortment of factors including path obstacles, land quality, possible hazards etc. while mapping pipeline paths.


The demand for oil and gas has grown over the years. Such a requirement has led to the increased implementations of progressive technologies to ensure that the distribution process is flawless. We utilize adaptive GIS-based technology to map distribution networks, monitor assets etc. for improving operational efficiency for the distribution of gas and utilities. Data drives progress and we excel in helping you make the most of it.

GIS in gas pipeline network

City Gas Distribution

CyberSWIFT uses GIS technology to its full potential by integrating it with gas pipeline network to increase the efficiency of the process. We work on gas and land based GIS survey and mapping and also on the implementation of the IT application.

Pipeline Network Mapping

Our pipeline network mapping techniques for oil and gas networks include utilizing effective geospatial methods to identify land characteristics, determine obstacles in the land feature, find Ground Control Points (GCPs). Such mapping helps companies plan, evaluate, monitor and maintain their assets for the best outcomes.

We had worked with reputed companies to conduct GIS mapping of pipeline network via the utilization of DGPS tracking system, conduct route survey and analysis for movement of large vehicles, create a web-based land management tool etc. View a case study here.