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With such a large establishment and geographical base, monitoring and decision-making become very critical. But, due to a lack of adequate information and communication infrastructure, it is challenging to manage and get the day-to-day activity report for monitoring and decision making. The inherent delays hamper the decision process required at a particular time. The purpose of the system is to equip the department with a single-window application to systematically organize planning implementation and monitoring of forestry and other related operations by systemic collection storage and retrieval of MIS and Geo-spatial data.
Satellite image of forest condition of desktop view, mobile app for capturing real-time forest data

Forest Cover Monitoring

  • Remote Sensing and GIS are the incredible tools to help the forest management for analyzing the forest condition, forest monitoring, protection, harvest, conservation and rehabilitation that improve our climate change and biodiversity. We develop the project progress monitoring system to manage forest and other important sectors related to forestry.
mapping of forest covered area, analysis of forest type

Forest Type Mapping

  • A forest type is a classification of forest land based on the species presently forming a variety of living trees and growing in a particular forest. Our GIS team using satellite imagery and its potential are new tools to managing and mapping forest covered area.
growing stock assessment of forest resources, through satellite images

Growing stock assessment

  • Basically, the forest productivity shows the growing stock which is the important variable of the forest resource. Growing stock assessment helps to play an important role in climate change and global carbon cycle.
carbon sequestration process using gis & remotesensing technology

Carbon Sequestration

  • Carbon Sequestration is the process by which carbon sinks remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. The satellite data can be used to estimate the biomass, Carbon Sequestration and seasonal productivity. Using Remote Sensing and GIS technology can be carried out to observe vegetation and carbon cycle of forest.
changes in forest cover, analysis of forest type, biological richness, & protected areas

Protected Area

  • GIS and Remote Sensing are the essential tool to manage the multiple forest type, forest cover landscape integrity, biological richness, and protected areas. Using Remote Sensing technology the spatial and temporal pattern research is needed to assess the effects on the protected areas on forest cover change and the analysis. The main issue is to identify the forest cover change specifically the rate of deforestation and degradation and rate of forest regeneration.
maps of forest risk assessment

Forest Protection and Degradation

  • Our Mobile or Web-based applications can be developed for monitoring and real-time analysis of Forest Protection And Degradation. Using Geotagged images of illegal felling of trees, Soil Erosion; detection of forest fire points and analyzing them; wildlife analysis by capturing data related to animal sightings or indirect evidence like footprints and various other modules related to forest patrolling, quarry permit, land and production management.

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