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Irrigation & Waterways - Project Management System Software

Irrigation & Waterways Department of West Bengal is responsible for providing irrigation to hectares of land every year, protection against floods, alleviating drainage congestion, arresting erosion of the flood-prone area & establishing better rural connectivity. To monitor this humongous task the department required a central IT system to monitor Irrigation Projects, flood management plans, effluent management initiatives etc. Also, the system will help the department in selecting & planning various schemes in line with the upcoming 5 years vision plan.
CyberSWIFT has been associated with the department since 2019 for assisting the department with a customized Project Progress Management System (PPMS) which has equipped the department with a GIS & MIS-based Project Monitoring approach. PPMS has been helping the irrigation & waterways department starting from the project initiation, project progress analysis, budget, and fund management up to project completion. These in turn have contributed substantially to the State's commendable progress achieved in establishing rural connectivity, flood management, and delivering water to the water-starved regions of the state.

The Application has helped the department with:

  • Analysis and Approval of Projects by State Level Selection Committee.
  • Centralized Project-related Information and Document Management.
  • Monitor land acquisition proceedings under various divisions.
  • Track deforestation and afforestation processes and compensatory land activities.
  • Manage the Rehabilitation and Resettlement process for any project.
  • Identification of delayed and stalled projects.
  • Manage Legal documentation and proceedings.
  • Faster Requisition or demand creation process.
  • Automated utilization certificate generation.
  • Single Dashboard for project monitoring and dynamic report generation.

To learn more about this Irrigation & Waterways project and detailed specifications of the Project Monitoring System along with activities performed by CyberSWIFT, download detailed case study .

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