GIS-based Scheme Progress Monitoring System

SPMS for Howrah Municipal Corporation

Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) was established in the year 1862. The area of the HMC is 63.55 Sq. Km that includes 7 nos. of Boroughs and 66 wards & population density is 21565 persons per It is responsible for providing municipal services like supply of drinking water, cleaning, and removal of obnoxious material, maintaining public street and streetlights, draining and sewerage, and various other services to the citizen of Howrah City.
CyberSWIFT has been working with Howrah Municipal Corporation since 2019 and solving their issues since then.

The application has helped HMC in the following ways:

  • HMC officials used to have a manual and tedious method of monitoring schemes. Senior officials were required to visit each site periodically to understand how the project had progressed. It was impossible for the Commissioner and Department Head to visit individual sites and had to observe the projects moving only in papers.
  • To curb this situation CyberSWIFT provided HMC with a GIS-based Project Monitoring solution that helped the Commissioner and his department heads to understand how the projects are progressing from the ease of their desk. Field level Officers and Vendors were instructed to update their project progress using the SPMS Mobile App which included details of physical progress, financial progress, photographs, videos, etc.
  • Without having a proper monitoring mechanism releasing payment was always a hassle and also unsafe. The entire dependency was on the authenticity of the updates given by the field inspectors and the vendors.
  • The Solution which CyberSWIFT provided, offered HMC officials real-time financial progress details of individual projects backed by field-level photographs and videos. This helped the payment releasing procedure hassle-free and less risky.
  • Generating sudden reports for CMO, Mayor and other honorable officials was always a difficult task not only because there was not a central repository of project data but also due to lack of authenticity of the same.
  • Since all project-related data and progress-related information is stored centrally any kind of report can be generated instantly. Pre-defined reports can be automatically generated and mailed as per requirement.
  • Selection of roads for maintenance work also another area where the department was facing difficulty. Roads, which required immediate maintenance could not be located whereas roads with not so bad conditions kept on being maintained.
  • To ensure even selection of roads for maintenance a specific module was developed which enabled the department to locate projects which had the most terrible condition and work on the same on priority.
  • Identifying delayed projects at the correct time might save a project. But identifying the correct time is something that is challenging not on HMC officials but any project management team.
  • With the help of SPMS’s milestone-based monitoring, delayed projects can be identified well in advance, and taking necessary corrective measures can help in bringing the project back on track.

To know more about this GIS-based Scheme Monitoring Solution of Howrah Municipal Corporation and detailed specifications with activities performed by CyberSWIFT, download the project's detailed case study .

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