Election Polling Booth Live Tracker

The objective of the project is to create a GIS based application for the Election Commission. With the help of the application, the administration wanted to monitor the polling procedure taking place in different polling booths belonging to the Assembly Constituencies. The sector officers, require this application to check the polling booths that comes under his jurisdiction during election procedure.

For using this application efficiently, this application is further subdivided into two categories:-

  • Web based application
  • Mobile based application

This mobile application is connected with the web application. This means, both applications will run in parallel.

The application contains the details of the polling booths along with the lat-long value, the Assembly Constituency in which they belong and the sector as well. While using the application, the sector officer is required to select the Assembly Constituency number. While selecting the number, a confirmation notice will come. Similarly, in the following step the officer need to select the sector number and a confirmation notice will automatically come up.

The features of Mobile Life Tracker (MLT) can broadly be classified into two categories. They are:-

  • Reporting - This feature allows the sector officer to generate five types of reports. These reports are generated on the basis of monitoring activities that the assigned officer conducts on the polling stations.
  • GPS tracking - This feature helps in checking the location of the device in which the application will be installed. This feature provides a route map that lets the user get the exact location of the phone.
Safe Arrival at Polling Station

Safe Arrival at Polling Station

Reporting of booth status

'Safe arrival at Polling Station' is a reporting feature that allows the user to update about his/her status on reaching every polling booth. It is done by clicking on the 'safe arrival at PS' button in the application. As the officer is required to visit the polling station that come under his jurisdiction, this feature is used before the election starts. Once he clicks on the option, the updated message will reach to the centralized database

Poll Completion process

Completion of Poll

Reporting of poll Completion

Completion of poll is another reporting feature which is used after voting gets over. Once the polling is completed, the officer needs to update the information to the Election Commission by clicking on the 'completion of poll' button. This data is also updated in the centralized database.

Safe Arrival at Receiving Center

Safe Arrival at Receiving Center

Reporting of polling officer

'Safe arrival at Receiving Center' is the third reporting feature which is to be used after the sector officer collects the voting machines from every polling booth. Once the machine is collected, he needs to deposit it to the Receiving Center (RC). If the officer is able to reach to the center safely with the voting machine, he is required to click on the 'safe arrival at Receiving Center' button to provide the update. This procedure is required to be followed after sending each polling machine.

Alert notification

Law and Order

Alert notification of violence

'Law and Order' is another reporting feature of the application used to notify about any violence or criminal activity carried out during the election. As violation of law and order might take place in the polling stations this feature has been added to put a check on such activities. This feature immediately creates an alert in the monitoring dashboard. Clicking on this feature, will provide the names of the polling stations in a list. If the sector officer clicks on any of the name to notify the administration about the disruption in the election procedure, the pop up on the Google map will turn from 'green' to 'red'. At the top of the map, a bar will appear notifying the lat-long details of the polling station where disruption has taken place.

Monitor EVM Status

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Problem

Monitoring on EVM status

The 'EVM Problem' feature reports about the malfunctioning of any EVM or Election Voting Machine during the voting process. Since EVM is one of the basic factors required for counting votes, the officer in charge needs to check whether the machines are working properly or not and update about it to the Election commission. Clicking on this button, an alert is sent to the monitoring dashboard. At the top of the Google map, a bar named 'EVM problem' will appear. This bar will show the lat-long value of the polling booth, i.e., the Assemble Constituency number, sector number and the polling booth number.

Capture Live Image

Image Upload

Live Image Capturing

Real time photo capturing is a feature where user can take picture of poll incident (Like law and order issue or queue in the poll both etc.) by his mobile apps and instantly upload this image in the server. The picture can be seen by the administrator instantly in the web interface

Do a 24X7 Monitoring - Live Track System

Live tracking

24x7 Live Monitoring

'Tracking' is a GPS tracking system that let the administrator to check the location of the device (held by the Sector Officer) in which the mobile application is installed. Choosing a 'Round' will show a route map on the Google map of the respective Sector Officer corresponding to the selected Assembly Constituency & Sector.