Our utility mapping services for water, drainage etc. provide the analytics required for streamlining urban development. This is aligned with the rapidly developing standard of living in the urban areas which mandate utility upgrade and maintenance to keep up with the progress. The efficient delivery of utility services relies on proper planning and management. Spatial and attribute data are necessary for this purpose. We conduct utility survey and mapping of water distribution, drainage and sewerage networks and solid waste.
Utility Survey & Mapping


Appropriate water distribution and management requires right planning to meet operational challenges. We use advanced GIS technology to prepare accurate maps of water distribution networks, both above and underground along with geotagging of junctions, valves etc. using DGPS instruments. Based on this information, we develop a web-based monitoring system for easy visualization, thus enabling the authorities to take well-informed decisions.

water distribution and management - GIS Water


Drainage network mapping is a basic amenity today for devising appropriate action plans for urban development. Accurate GIS-based mapping can help in measuring the effectiveness of these operations. We create and update geospatial database of drainage and sewerage assets by conducting ground surveys. Additionally, we digitize drainage maps, equip authorities with the ability to conduct watershed management using remote sensing and GIS technology and develop advanced software for improved maintenance of consumer data.

drainage network mapping for urban developmentDrainage & Sewerage


Solid waste management is an essential function of urban local bodies to curb problems regarding health and sanitation, environmental degradation etc. We combine demographics with maps to help municipalities visualize network details of solid waste movement, recycling details etc. This can be used for appropriate monitoring and optimal usage of resources.

solid waste management through GIS Solid Waste