We deliver GIS-enabled e-governance solutions to streamline government processes and digitize information exchange among authorities. Our solutions help government bodies monitor property tax deposits, water billing and land banks, sanction of building plan and issue of birth and death certificates and trade licenses. Such solutions facilitate direct communication between citizens and the government and provide citizens with direct access to various services. Based on this system, authorities can conduct appropriate management of resources, identify illegal activities, establish a solid property tax monitoring system etc. thus improving revenue. Additionally, such a system also improves transparency and efficiency in interactions among governmental bodies and between government and businesses.

Property Tax System

Our GIS-based property tax management system provides a platform to digitally interlink details of properties, tax calculation principles, online billing etc. We conduct surveys to capture plot boundaries, owner and occupant details, plinth area, open area etc. to update the property database in municipalities and link it with the web-based GIS application for property tax management. This can help in accurate billing, improved record-keeping, identification of defaulters and making the property tax system transparent. Such a solution can help in improving property tax assessment and identify losses resulting from differences in recorded property details and their on-the-ground status, thus raising municipal revenue.

gis based property taxation

Water Billing System

With growing water conservation initiatives being undertaken, water utilities are moving towards developing an automated water billing system. We deliver GIS-based solutions that can compute water consumption units based on water rates, maintain water distribution network data, generate accurate bills, facilitate online bill payment, alert consumers of overdue payments, implement penalty on late payment etc. This system can be linked with the property tax database for combined monitoring.

water distribution network system

Birth & Death Certificate

Traditional methods of birth and death registrations have become obsolete in the era of automation. We develop advanced web-based software that enables citizens to apply for birth and death certificates online, help municipalities keep track of the issue of these certificates, facilitate their correction, provide download facilities of birth and death records periodically, maintain statistical records etc.

statistical records of birth and death

Building Plan Sanction

We develop solutions that simplify online submission of building plans, fetch location data from GIS-based maps and provide a single-window for authorities to conduct online scrutiny of these applications. Additionally, this advanced software can also generate unique ID for each approved plan, link utility details and property tax with this system, facilitate online fee calculation, track status of the applications etc. Apart from automating the workflow, such a system can eliminate potential delays in plan sanction, provide a secure system for scrutiny and make the process more transparent and efficient while saving cost and manpower.

building plan approval

Trade License

We generate GIS-based solutions for automating the application of trade licenses, facilitating their online scrutiny based on geospatial database, simplifying renewal of license, tracking application status, keeping records etc. This software interlinks the relevant departments of the municipalities to streamline the process.

Trade License - business name registration