Our capable team of 150+ professional surveyors has conducted more than 15,00,000 household surveys so far. We conduct interactive surveys of individual properties to collect information regarding owners and tenants, household footprint, number of floors, plot boundary, open/plinth area, year of construction etc. Detailed consumer survey is required for identifying the disparity in the existing database and the reality. The attribute information accumulated from household surveys can be interlinked with spatial data on maps to create a comprehensive web-based GIS. We develop customized applications with a single-window access to consumer data for governing authorities.

Digital Survey

We conduct door-to-door surveys on tabs using customized applications created by our expert team of developers. Build My Forms (BMF) is one of those. It is a hosted mobile app platform that enables users to create custom forms on the web app and deploy them to the field surveyors for mobile-based data collection.

  • This platform can be used to create highly customized forms using options like textbox, image uploader, barcode scanner, digital signature, geo-tagging of data and more on the webportal.
  • Build My Forms supports offline data collection through mobile app. This data can be transferred to the BMF server once the device is connected to the Internet.
  • GIS analysis of geo-tagged data can be conducted on the web application through maps, filters and more.
  • Form data can also be downloaded in KML and CSV formats.

CyberSWIFT uses the Build My Forms application as and when suitable for conducting GPS-based field survey.