Epidemic Mapping

We equip healthcare authorities with the means to track infectious diseases in an area and how they are spreading to multiple locations through our web-based GIS solutions. This acts as a concrete decision-support system. Our query-based solutions effectively integrate epidemic-related database and spatially displays the information for easy comprehension. This helps related staff to effectively plan and implement strategies for disease risk management using GIS. Owing to the effectiveness of epidemic mapping solutions, health departments are increasingly resorting to these to track and prevent the spread of diseases.

Disease Outbreak Mapping

Mapping the outbreak of infectious diseases is critical to curbing their spread. Our solutions map the spread of diseases based on the database provided by the related healthcare departments and other sources. This adds a visual impact to disease monitoring and helps in anticipating which areas will be hit next by the infection. It also helps in identifying the disease-causing factors. As a result, health officials can optimize their strategies for restricting the transmission of the infection.


Mapping the birth and mortality rates in a region helps the health department estimate the area’s population size, identify requirements of healthcare services etc. This data is also vital to pinpoint the reasons for high mortality rates and plan preventive strategies to curb premature mortality. It also helps government bodies identify outbreaks of fatal diseases. These maps act as reliable evidence to design effective policies for appropriate healthcare management in an area.

birth mortality rate mapping Birth & Mortality Rate Mapping