Why Cloud?

Most of the organizations today are in some phase of planning or implementing cloud based IT strategy to benefit from what the cloud offers the best. Utilizing cloud based IT infrastructure from leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc. to provide more flexibility, cost control and dependability.

Whether you are a small organization or a larger business, your cloud roadmap will likely to be unique to optimize your IT needs while at the same time minimizing the business risks in moving towards the cloud. Some of the major advantages of using Cloud services are:

  • Flexibility - Scale up or down quickly and easily to meet your IT demand.
  • Reliability - Be it storage back-ups, power, cooling or anything, cloud will take away your pain.
  • Cost Cutting - You can use cloud service instead of investing in new IT hardware. Reduce your OPEX or CAPEX.
  • Pay as you need - Metered services help you monitor what you spend. So you only pay for what you use.


What we can offer?

Road to cloud requires a good understanding of what aspects of your IT infrastructure may benefit from the cloud and what may not. Here’s how we can help you -

  • We can plan, prepare and pave the path for your phased migration to cloud with the help of hybrid cloud and other options to mitigate risk.
  • We can help you migrate your valuable data to the cloud and make your business secure.
  • We can help you develop and implement success with your backup, recovery and continuity plans to ensure your business stays on top even when a disaster strikes.
  • We can make available the on-demand computing power with metered Pay-as-you-go model.
  • We can set up and help hosting your applications on cloud.

What's more in cloud?

  • SaaS - Utilizing the Software as a service model, you can migrate your enterprise applications and associated data on the cloud to let the users gain access to SaaS applications using a Web browser.
  • We can help you migrate your valuable data to the cloud and make your business secure.
  • IaaS - You can use the infrastructure provided by cloud as a service. It could include IT resources such as virtual machines, physical servers, storage spaces etc. to run your enterprise applications on a pay-as-you-go basis. 
  • PaaS - To support the complete life cycle of building and delivering web-based (cloud) applications you can leverage the cloud-based environment with all the required infrastructure — without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software, provisioning and hosting.