IIFF Tampa Bay

Keeping the client’s scope of work in mind, our dedicated team of iPhone developers came up with an app tailored according to the client’s requirement. This customized app would provide updated news and information related to The India International Film Festival that took place in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Event app for iPhone

Using this application, a user can also check out the pictures related to the event. Social media integration has been implemented for the convenience of the users to share news on the social networking website.

About IIFF

This feature provides you information about IIFF in details. Clicking on this feature let you know about the history of the event, the founder of the event, and also their aim for launching such customized application for users like you.

Get Involved

In this feature, detail information about the events and workshops that have already taken place related to IIFF is provided. Interested candidates who wish to submit their documentary films for IIFF can get contact details of the organizers by using this option. These contact details can also help the interested sponsors to give sponsorship for the event.

Film School

This feature let you know about the film school that the organizers of IIFF have been running it, till date. Along with this, detail time schedule of the events or workshop is also provided over here.

Event Detail

If you wish to know about the events in detail, clicking on this feature can help you in such work. Once you click on this feature, you get information about the upcoming events in details.

Event Feedback

After attending IIFF, you might wish to share your feedback about the event or the workshops that was organized by IIFF. In order to do it easily, this application provide a feature called, ‘event feedback’. Clicking on this feature, a form will be provided. You will be required to fill up this form to share your feedback with the organizers of the event.

Submit Photo

If you have taken any photos during the film festival, events or workshops that took place, you can share those pictures on this application. Clicking on ‘submit photo’, upload the picture that you wish to share. The picture will automatically get added in the album of the application. This feature also allows the user to use edit options like image cropping.

Submit Your Film

There are individuals who might be interested in sharing their documentary films with IIFF. For then, this ‘submission’ feature has been added. Clicking once you click on this feature, guidelines related to the submission of the documentary films is provided. These guidelines need to be followed to upload the film correctly.

Find Us

Seeing any news related to the film festival, you might prefer to share it on the social networking site. To make this job easier for a user like you, social media integration has been implemented in the application.