iData Manager

The client wanted an iPhone app that will enable user, installing this app, get detailed information about the device in which it is running. The app displays the device model type, name of the device, UDID number, iOS version, and more.

Keeping the client’s scope of work in mind, our iPhone app developers came with an application that exactly matched the requirement. The app facilitates any user, in a hassle-free manner, to get configuration detail of the iphone he or she is using.

manage user details

Device Model

Once the app is installed this feature lets the user know the model number of the iPhone he or she is using.

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Device Name

The device name feature allows the user to know about the model name of the device.

manage incidence and service failures

Device UDID

It is a device identification number that every electronic product is provided with. Our application allows the user to get the UDID number of the iPhone in which it is installed very conveniently.

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iOS Version

This feature lets you know the version of the operating system that is being used in your iPhone.

message broadcasting

Battery Status

Models of iPhone 3 series don’t show the battery status of the device. Installing this app will let you know the battery status.

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This feature provides the lat-long details of the device in which it is installed. The application also provides a 'compass' feature showing the navigation details towards which the phone is directed. However, this feature is applicable only in iPhone3GS and above models.

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This feature provides you the number of contacts added in your iPhone.

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Disk Information

This feature provides the memory status of the device.

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iPod Information

This feature lets you know the number of songs that you have already added in your phone. At the same time, it also shows the number of songs you can add within the leftover memory capacity.