Development of Land Acquisition Management Software


Tubed Coal Mines Limited (TCML) is a joint venture between Hindalco Industries Limited and the Tata Power Company Limited. TCML had a requirement to develop a Land Management and Development software for managing various land-related data. CyberSWIFT was awarded the project.

Objectives of the Project

Land acquisition management is an elaborate process. It requires efficient tracking of ownership details, lease data, mutation documents and a variety of other information. A land management software consolidates all records and activities within one platform. This makes it easy to track, manage and update land-related information. The purpose of this project was to deliver a customizable software for land management integrated with GIS and MIS facilities.

Geo-referencing and satellite image integration

Solutions Offered by CyberSWIFT

  • Purchase of high-resolution satellite images of the area of interest
  • Digitization and geo-referencing of available cadastral maps
  • Superimposition of the satellite imagery on the geo-referenced maps
  • Integration of RoR (Record of Rights) data into the geo-referenced maps. This data includes plot information, owner details etc.
  • Land use and land cover mapping and development of a change detection system to map the changes in the satellite images taken at different times
  • Development of a dynamic and user-friendly Land Management software for monitoring, tracking and managing land-related activities
  • Training of TCML staff (user and administrator) on the basic operation of the software, loading of geo-referenced images, cadastral maps, satellite images and total station data into software and change detection system
web based gis application

Basic Features of the Software

  • Web-based application with user authentication as per role
  • Digital representation of revenue survey/cadastral maps with plot number
  • Pictorial representation of land on top of satellite image
  • Land Use/Land Cover inventory at a glance
  • Stage-wise live viewing of land acquisition status on map with different color code
  • On the fly generation of Thematic Map (Color Coded Maps) as per the plot
  • Integration with plot information/RoR details
  • Land Records document management - records include various Government records like porches, deed etc. related to a particular plot
  • Keeping records of the Disputes / Encumbrances / Legal Matters / Litigation related to plot

Final Deliverable

We delivered a land management software complete with data entry of the land-related information of the project site. Additionally, we trained TCML staff on the basic operation of this software and provided them with a training manual for the same.