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How Can A CSR Software Help Corporate in Education CSR? – TechCSR

Education is one of the major sectors where many corporates are executing their CSR Programs. Since education is the backbone of our society funding the same is extremely essential to build a strong tomorrow. There are millions of children across the country who do not receive proper education due to a lack of basic education infrastructure. A huge chunk of students who enroll themselves in Government run schools does not complete their education due to a lack of infrastructure. They might have a primary school in their village but might need to travel 2 hours for receiving higher education in a different village which they cannot do due to financial constraints. The number of dropouts is also high due to the fact that they need to support their family for earnings and household help. There are several other factors also like discrimination based on caste, gender, race, religion, social stature, and many more.

Companies are adding a lot of support by directing their CSR funds in the education sector and helping the nation in shaping the youths. These organizations are well aware of the ground conditions and thus they conceptualize the campaigns considering all probable adversities.  

Technology is revolutionizing the entire society with the penetration of mobile phones and the internet in every nook and corner of the country. Recent pandemic times have shown us how education can be done from home using the internet and handheld devices.

Similarly, technology can also help the CSR Industry plan and monitor their education campaigns.

  • Geospatial Technology can help organizations map the existing schools with their basic details and plot it with the village-level census data and habitation data from satellite imagery.
  • Then they will be able to identify Habitations which do not have schools nearby and children of those villages must travel long.
  • GIS can also help in the identification of locations for setting up a school that can cover 2-3 villages.
  • Based on the census data, we can map the number of girls in a village and decide on opening a dedicated girls’ school which might get a lot of traction.  

Similarly, IT can also help in tracking the advancement of students and managing dropouts.

The CSR team can prepare a set of KPIs like No. of Students, Male Female Ratio, Number of Teachers, No. of new students enrolled in a month, No. of dropouts in a month, overall monthly test results, etc., and can ask the school authority to fill up the data on a mobile application on monthly basis. This data will help in identifying how the campaign is performing. Whether the number of dropouts increasing or decreasing, analyzing students’ performance graphs over a 6-month period, tracking the number of new students enrolled, etc.

TechCSR is similar software that can help organizations manage and monitor their CSR campaigns.

TechCSR can help in the following ways:

monitoring dashboard with a heat map and voluenttering events
TechCSR Software With Its Data Analysis Features
  • GIS maps can display the existing infrastructure of villages with baseline and census data.
  • Analysis of beneficiaries reached and impact created on a map.
  • Android & iOS mobile application to capture real-time field-level activities with geo-tagged photographs, videos, etc.
  • Gap analysis can be conducted by visualizing the target v/s achieved impact.
  • Online and Offline mobile apps to collect data even in remote locations of villages.
  • Track ongoing, completed, and pending projects with Gnatt Chart and KPIs.

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