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    Utility of GIS for Line Patrolling in Transmission Sector

    Balancing the need to foster new markets, improve system reliability, and reduce operating costs is the greatest challenge for today’s utility departments and decision-makers—a challenge that is successfully met with CyberSWIFT’s geographic information system (GIS) and Management Information System(MIS) based web application. GIS gives solutions across the entire department for applications in business, engineering, environmental management, and other disciplines necessary for comprehensive and effective power generation, transmission management, EHV Line patrolling activity. The transmission department provides the pathway for power within the whole of a state. Department owns, builds, maintains, and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system. For maintaining such a huge transmission system one of the main activities in maintaining…

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    Transmission Survey in Dense Forest

    Transmission lines carry electrical energy from the substation where it is produced to the numerous distribution systems and, finally, to customers. The effective power transfer methodology involves security, reliability, and other alternatives involved at the planning stage. Due to the vastness of the transmission network line runs through the open stretches, ponds, rivers, forests. However, doing transmission surveys in the dense forest is not an easy task, it comes up with a handful of situations that require a team of experts. The cost and route of transmission line projects are influenced by factors such as geography, channel bridges, power line crossings, and a variety of other obstacles Here in this…