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    Grassroots CSR Initiative for Public Health – MANSI

    When businesses operate, they have an impact on their local community. Also, businesses themselves get impacted by the issues faced by the local community where they operate. One of the aspects that becomes important for corporate entities is to consider the state of local population health in the areas where they operate. Additionally, it is imperative that corporations act responsibly and are accountable for any public health issues arising from their business operations. Corporate social responsibility is constantly being redefined from what it used to be in terms of corporate responsibility to people and the planet. This redefinition is significantly also due to issues affecting public health. Hence, it is…

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    What makes CSR Unique

    India is the sole country in the world where Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is mandated by the law from as early as 2013. While few organizations had been involved in CSR from very early on, it has been only recently when most of the others have started dedicating themselves to do their bit in giving back to society. But what makes CSR unique from Social work or Philanthropy is the fact that CSR involves the monitoring of impact created.  What is the difference between Philanthropy, CSR and Sustainability Suppose, Ravi lives lavishly in his three-storey apartment with electricity, running water, A.C. etc. His neighbour Raj lives in a rented room struggling to pay for monthly water…