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    Land Acquisition Process Made Easy – What Do You Need to Know?

    The old Land Acquisition Act, 1894 was revised to Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill in 2011. The bill was aimed to usher in more transparency in land acquisition procedures, provide fair compensation, rehabilitation to the project-affected people. It mandated for organizations to rearrange benefits like land for employment, land, housing but one-time cash payments to people whose land was acquired. The entire process of land acquisition starts off with land title verification. The owner of the property and therefore the area are verified by tallying the survey number of the land. States, where digitized land records are available the method, becomes easier. A central portal can store plot wise ownership data captured from Records of Right (RoR) and Register of…

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    Land Acquisition & Management Systems (LAMS) Explained

    Property of all types have always been a valuable asset. Land, in particular, has been one of the most historic of all investments types, going back to the earliest times in recorded history. Many kinds of companies today are involved in land ownership, acquisition, sales, and leasing of land or properties, and for some, they manage many properties at a time.This can produce tremendous amounts of paperwork, documents, drawings, pictures, maps, and these days even videos of properties a company is considering leasing or purchasing, or selling, and so on. This is where the need of a comprehensive land acquisition management system comes into play. A dedicated software platform designed…