Computerization of Land Records

We digitize existing land-related documents like Record of Rights, cadastral maps etc. and integrate them with spatial and attribute data. The purpose behind this is to replace the outdated documents with a web-based land management system. This makes the data transparent and improves its accessibility considerably. Computerization of land records has been necessitated by the dynamic nature of the social and economic structure. Appropriate digitization can result in effective administration and land management.

The process of updating and correcting existing land records is elaborate. Hence, we have adopted a systematic approach for the computerization of land records to maintain accuracy and uniformity.

Base map preparation through GIS integration Land Records
  • We procure existing land records including Record of Rights (RoR), cadastral maps etc. from Government authorities.
  • These records are digitized through manual data entry
  • Cadastral maps are scanned and mosaicked
  • Information extracted from land survey records are integrated into the land management portal. This includes spatial as well as textual data.

This digitized information is easily retrievable. Land owners and Government officials can view this data at a few clicks.