We provide data collection and analysis solutions that enhance performance, mitigate risks, provide cost efficiencies etc. across multiple industries. We design platforms that enable users to create custom forms and deploy them to field executives for mobile data collection. As a result, data from multiple sources can be viewed at one click. This makes it easy to assemble data sets as per your preference and sort through the information in an orderly way. Our solution integrates real-time data viewing options along with a series of convenient and useful features. This reduces response time and saves money and resources.

Geospatial data analysis lends a competitive edge to business information. It helps in uncovering patterns that might otherwise have been overlooked. Our comprehensive data analysis solutions enable you to view data on maps, thus making it simpler to extract critical information from it. These give you complete access to organization-wide data. Additionally, customizable filter tools let you interrogate data by visually designing queries as per your requirements. We develop user-friendly data analysis platforms that cater to multiple businesses. These act as powerful decision-support systems that empower organizations to identify business opportunities, manage assets, improve prospects and more.

We have developed a suite of tools to simplify data collection and analysis for our clients. Heres a quick look:

GIS in power distribution

Build My Forms

Custom form building and data entry platform with real-time data analysis facilities

GIS pipeline mapping for gas and water


Map-based business intelligence solution to understand how location can influence your sales performance

Drainage mapping for urban utility


Maps that provide insights and tell you stories to make the world a better place