The disaster monitoring system acts as a life and resource saving tool in two ways - it facilitates quick evacuation during disaster and helps in delivering effective rescue operations post-disaster. It can be used to locate and effectively deploy rescue teams, identify service routes for quick response as well as deliver relief materials. It facilitates response to disasters in the shortest time to reduce casualties and loss of resources. This is achieved by mining of geographical-based data.
Disaster monitoring System Disaster Monitoring System

Here's a look at the benefits of the disaster monitoring system:

  • Deployment of Rescue Teams: This application maps the locations of rescue teams nearest to the disaster-affected areas along with their availability and strength. This can be used to make strategic decisions about which teams can be deployed for conducting timely and effective rescue operations.
  • Relief Management: It can be used to identify the nearest warehouses containing the required relief materials so that they can be distributed to the shelters.
  • Route Analysis: This functionality provides road service information about the service roads, dirt roads, lanes, highways, streets, other motorable roads etc. leading to the disaster-affected area. This helps in identifying the shortest and most feasible routes that can be taken to conduct rescue operations or provide relief to shelters.

Hence, it works as a decision-support system for disaster preparedness and to manage relief and rehabilitation during and after disaster.

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