GeoSpatial Platform for Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)

The disaster monitoring system acts as a life and resource-saving tool in two ways - it facilitates quick evacuation during a disaster and helps in delivering effective rescue operations post-disaster. It can be used to locate and effectively deploy rescue teams, identify service routes for quick response as well as deliver relief materials. It facilitates response to disasters in the shortest time to reduce casualties and loss of resources. This is achieved by mining geographical-based data.

Here are the benefits of the disaster monitoring system:

  • Deployment of Rescue Teams
  • Relief Management
  • Route Analysis

Project’s Objective

The objective of the Project is to Present for Establishing Contact Centre & Geospatial Platform for Emergency Operation Centre(EOC) through developing and hosting GIS Applications, GIS analysis. (For Example. Drone Data Analysis, Incident Management System etc.) Also, this platform will integrate with the Contact Centre to locate the position of disaster/ complaint.

Project Scope

GIS Layer icon in red color
Enterprise GIS Platform
  • Supply of GIS Software
  • Supply of RDBMS
  • Development of Customized GIS Platform
call centre icon
Call Centre Solution
  • Development of CRM Software
  • Implementation of Call Centre Solution
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Hardware Implementation
  • Supply of Physical & Cloud Hardware
  • Installation & Implementation of Hardware
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Support Services
  • Customization Manpower
  • Call Centre Supervisor
  • Security Audit
 gis-based platform for rescuer route planning, disaster mapping,

Enterprise GIS Platform

  • This GIS-based platform will help the EOC with Trend Analysis, 3D Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Rescuer Route Planning, Early Warning, Weather Forecasting, Crowd Sourcing and Post Disaster Analysis.
  • This Platform will help the EOC in developing and hosting GIS Applications
  • It will help the EOC in integration with any other application to have a GIS analysis. (For Example. Drone Data Analysis, Incident Management System etc.)
  • This Platform will integrate with the Contact Centre to locate the position of disaster/ complaint.
 flow chart for call centre platform

Scope of Work for Call Centre Platform

  • Implementation of Call Centre Dialer Solution.
  • Implementation of CRM Application.
  • Integration with GIS Platform.
  • Installation & Integration with Hardware Setup.
  • Training & capacity Building.
flow chart of hardware implementation architecture

Hardware Implementation Architecture

  • Installation & integration of high configured dialer server, CRM server & backup server.
  • Implementation of cloud server for data backup on a daily basis.
  • Setup of security & networking peripherals using firewalls.
  • Integrating GIS Server and GIS DB server for easy access of the portals.
support services

Support Services

  • Customization Manpower to be provided for 6 months after go live
  • Supervisor Manpower to be provided for 1 Year for overall management of the Call Centre & IT Infrastructure.
  • Provides workshop(s) on GIS Platform, Call Centre Platform, Customized Module to Non-Technical Officials, Technical Experts, Field Teams, Department Heads & Middle Level Executives.
  • 1time Security Audit of the entire Application
deliverable projects


  • Supply & Installation of COTS Software, COTS Enterprise GIS Server Software, COTS GIS Desktop Advanced Software, COTS GIS Desktop Software, COTS RDBMS Software, also provides training on the following software.
  • Development of Geospatial Platform & Mobile App with early Warning/ Weather Forecasting Module, Risk Assessment Module, Pre-Disaster Planning Module, Disaster Response, Post-Disaster – Recovery / Rehabilitation.
  • Implementation of Web-based Call centre setup, Web-based CRM application installation, also, provide SMS gateway integration.
  • Supply & installation hardware components for GIS application hosting, cloud server for hosting, GIS server & application enterprise solutions, cloud server for hosting RDBMS software.

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