Development of a Health Management System

GIS in Public Health

GIS in Public Health Mapping

GIS has emerged as an important component in facilitation of many projects in the domain of health. The application of GIS in the health sector has risen in prominence due to the fact that health surveillance practices and health service allocations have become more sensitive to the need of the people. An effective health care system faces many challenges. With the use of GIS; evaluation, planning, assessment, and management in the health sector is facilitated. GIS facilitates efficient use of limited resources for improving health care.

CyberSWIFT has been working closely with the health care departments of various Government organizations, which provided us adequate knowledge and first hand experience regarding the needs of the health sector. We realized that customized GIS solutions can help health officials to visualize, understand, and make decisions more easily. Our remarkable influence can be seen in the development of web based health GIS application.

GIS as a Tool for Monitoring Health Management Information System

We have been using GIS as an essential tool for monitoring health sector for services like:

  • Using data base to track the record of entire health infrastructure of the state.
  • Zonal demarcation for operations can be done
  • Identifying new regions where health facilities need to be improved using GIS maps
  • Locating regions where population has been affected because of a specific disease
  • Stratification of risk factor.
  • Anticipating the probable epidemics
  • Monitoring diseases and its intervention

CyberSWIFT has been closely involved in working with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal. Our skilled team has developed customized solutions for the health officials to visualize factors like health improvement of a particular region.