We empower our clients by providing them means to gather valuable insights for customer and market analysis and make decisions based on these. This enables retailers to understand customer preferences, demand and supply, competitor pricing, missed sales opportunities and more. Based on this data, marketers can strategically plan key initiatives to improve performance, enhance customer experience and meet financial goals. We deliver fact-based and insight-driven analytics solutions that integrate the geospatial element to help you make profitable decisions.


We utilize GIS-based technology to equip our clients with the necessary tools to view and analyze data in the context of location. Our solutions help clients categorize customers into separate groups based on their product preferences, financial behavior etc. Location intelligence gives an edge to business owners by allowing them to visualize where their customers are located, identify customers' unique buying habits and recognize other valuable trends and patterns. Based on this, marketers can constantly optimize their strategies to suit customer requirements, reach out to more potential customers and improve profitability.

customer analysis - GIS based technology Customer Analysis


In today’s competitive marketplace, GIS has turned out to be one of the most progressive technologies that can help in seizing business opportunities. Our GIS-based solutions equip businesses with the tools to go beyond the standard data analysis and view and analyze data based on locations.

gis based solutions for data analysis Market Analysis

The primary market areas that we focus on include:

Competitor Analysis: Identify the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors relative to those of your products and services

Focused Marketing: Understand market demand and align your business goals with the requirements to ensure that your products are well received

Strategic Planning: Make fundamental decisions that shape your organization's goals and improves profitability based on GIS-based analysis.