Application of GIS in Tourism

GIS in Tourism

Tourist GIS

The tourism sector has turned out to be a profit earning industries all over the world. That’s why, serious measures are nowadays planned out to bring remarkable improvement to this sector. In order to bring this improvement, our GIS team thought of introducing GIS based services specially assigned for the tourism industry.

We have introduced efficient web based GIS application that can be used to gain sustainable development of the tourism sector. This application provides services like:

  • Tapping down probable tourism sights within a country using visual images
  • Highlighting rich culture and traditions related to the region which can help in attracting visitors from all over the country.
  • Gathering information related to this field.
  • Maintaining records of the social development taking place in the surrounding areas.
  • Estimating the population strength around the chosen region.
  • Identifying probable issues that might affect on the economic development of the region.
  • Providing route maps for the tourists to guide them.
  • Helping the tourists to gather geographical as well as historical information related to the region.

These factors prove the necessity of GIS application in the tourism sector.