FIA-Event Management

event management software
Add Event

Add Event

Admin can add/edit events on basis of some criteria:

  • Event type
  • Event Name
  • Event Start Date
  • Event End Date
  • Event Description
  • Is admin allowing event submission
Apply Event

Apply Event

The participant users can apply online for any specific event which is allowed by the admin for submission. The user need to fill up a simple form containing

  • Event category
  • Age group the participant belongs to
  • Performance category the user wants to participate
  • Managing all information about the renowned organizations of New York City
  • Details
  • Application type, whether it is a solo or group performance etc.
Admin Control

Admin Control

Admin has the privileges to control the site from admin panel, such as.

  • Add/edit/delete events
  • Event submission status
  • Check all the online application submitted for a specific event
  • Add/edit/delete event type
  • Add/edit/delete performance category
  • Add/edit/delete age group of the participants etc.