Development of Product Cataloging Website


We worked with a leading national manufacturer of stainless steel equipment for restaurants, schools, hotels, institutional kitchens etc. Located in New York, this company has representatives across U.S.A. It specializes in manufacturing 6 major products: Cabinets, Floor Troughs and Gratings, Hand Sinks, Utility Sinks, Shelving and Tables and Stands. The website of this company functions as a product catalog that enables users to view and download product details easily without having to skim through lengthy brochures. CyberSWIFT was approached for the development of this website.
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How it Works

  • The website displays 6 products. Each product category is divided into multiple sub-categories. For example, the Cabinet product category houses the following sub-categories: Base/Wall/Storage/Security/Mop Sink Cabinets.
  • Every sub-category is further divided into separate models. For every model, you can choose from among several variations in its features which are listed with the model details.
  • You can click on every model to view its image, zoom in on it, go through the features listed alongside the image and find out the variations available for every model.
  • Users can download brochures and view detailed specifications of the products. Alternatively, users can also request for the relevant brochures to be delivered to their addresses by submitting the required details in a form.
  • The website also displays the list of representatives along with their addresses, contact details and maps where IMC/Teddy equipment can be purchased.

Work Procedure

  • This website has been developed on a Wordpress platform and we integrated it with WooCommerce. The database used is MySQL.
  • We implemented dynamic table creation for every model, listing the variations available for each.
  • The images of the models that were provided to us were resized and integrated into the website. A zoom in effect has been added.
  • The 'Spec Sheets' under the 'Documents' tab has been created using Accordion effect.
  • We integrated free text search within the list of products and documents.

Final Deliverable

The website complete with the required features was pushed from the staging to the production stage.