Geo-tagging Application for Reliance Foundation


Reliance Foundation is one of the most prominent CSR Foundation in India. The Foundation’s Bharat-India Jodo (RF BIJ) programme works on rural transformation by managing natural resources like improving the availability of water by rain water harvesting, and soil and moisture conservation. RF BIJ is working on 27 locations across 12 states in different Agro-Ecological Sub-Regions (AESRs) impacting about 60,000 families over the last 7 years.

Objectives of the Project

Data collection of the Water Harvesting Structures (WHS) includes the geographic coordinates of the WHS, dimensions, water availability, date of construction, related expenses etc. It is a hassle to collect data manually and may involve human errors. So, the requirement was to develop an application with versatile Geo-tagging features for mapping the WHS and the area brought under irrigation. The app will help the investigators conduct a field survey using GIS technology.

Geo-tag application logic page

R-Tag App

R-Tag App is a web and mobile based CSR software capable of on field collection of WHS data, storage and performing analysis on the same. Dynamic forms can be created for multiple types of data collection. The web platform enables user to view the geo-tagged data on maps for better analysis and understanding. All this data creates an online database of the WHS stored for future utilization and reference.

Android app

Android Mobile App

The android mobile app has the provision to collect the geographic coordinates of point, line and polygon (areas) of the WHS. Data collection is made easier with the help of inbuilt components like textbox, radio buttons, dropdown list, image upload button, Geo-location enabled tag and other similar dynamic features that can be added by the Admin as per requirement.

Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial data analysis is the technique used for mapping the data based on the location from where they were collected. The Geo-tagging App enables the user to view data on map in various representations such as heat map, point layers and cluster layers. Data can be retrieved in CSV or KML format. Data can be downloaded directly to be viewed in Google Map and/ or subsequently a .KML file can also be downloaded and viewed in Google EARTH. Filters can be used according to preference to remove the redundant data from the map and display only the ones for which dynamic query is generated using query builder.



The dashboard is a graphical representation of the collected data overview. The WHS Details, Storage Capacity Details, Expenses Details, Yearly Data Count are a few of the parameters monitored.

Report Generation


Location Wise & WHS Type Wise Summary Report along with customized Dynamic Reports can be generated with inbuilt filtering.

Final Deliverable

This custom CSR application is developed with the client’s requirements in mind. A user-friendly dashboard and web portal for data viewing, an android-app for easy data collection and customized on-demand report generation has helped Reliance foundation to manage their CSR activities without any hassles.