GIS Survey and Mapping of UPCL


CyberSWIFT is working as a GIS Solution Provider (GSP) alongside Infinite Computers (India) Ltd. for delivering GIS-based survey and mapping for network assets and substations of 36 towns of UPCL for IPDS Ph-II IT Implementation. Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited abbreviated UPCL, is a sole distribution licensee for electricity in Uttarakhand. CyberSWIFT is working in this electric utility project with UPCL to conduct GIS survey & mapping of assets under the Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS).

Objectives of the Project

Some of the objectives of the implementation of this project are inclusive of but not restricted to:

  • Base map preparation using high resolution Satellite Imagery
  • DGPS/ GPS Survey and mapping of all electrical assets starting from 33/11 KV substation up to LT Pole
  • Consumer Tagging
  • Mapping and creation of File Geo-database (FGDB) as per pre-defined data model
  • Asset Painting
Basemap Preparation of IPDS towns

Base Map Preparation

Data of existing distribution network details from Utility to analyze and plan for the survey. The following processes have been performed for base map preparation:

  • Town wise fixation of Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Collection of Ground Control Points (GCP) to geo reference the satellite imagery
  • Procurement of CartoSat-1, Digital Globe Imagery from National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)
  • Digitization of all land based features visible on the Satellite Imagery as per SRS.
  • DGPS survey of landmarks as per pre-defined data model and superimposition of landmark layers on prepared base maps
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Single Line Diagram of Substation survey and mapping

Substation Survey

CyberSWIFT has been working on the collection of substation Single Line Diagrams (SLD) and overall HT network distribution layout from the utility. Collection of DGPS data of all electrical assets within the substation present on the asset list and gather attributes against all asset categories in consultation with on-site utility personnel. Post-processing and digitization of all asset categories over prepared base map and attachment of collected attributes.

Single Line Diagram of High Tension Line Survey and mapping

HT Network Survey

It includes the collection of data of all electrical utility features from 33/11 KV Substation downwards up to Distribution Transformers and HT Poles. Surveyors had to move along the 11 KV & 33 KV feeder line while surveying with DGPS for data collection and attribute collection of all HT Poles, Feeder Line, Distribution Transformers, Fuse, Capacitor, Series Capacitor, and DP Isolator etc.

After identification of all Distribution Transformers within the AOI, separate data collection process was initiated to collect attribute data from Name Plate of the distribution transformer. This data collection process includes:

  • Temporary shut down of DTR connection
  • To note down the required attributes on the DTR mounting structure.
Single Line Diagram of Low Tension Line Survey and mapping

LT Network Survey

It includes the survey of LT Network of electrical assets from DTR downwards up to LT Poles. Collection of Geospatial location through DGPS point along with the collection of attribute information of all the LT Poles and associated electrical assets.

To follow the DGPS survey data downloading, post-processing, data attachment, and digitization of different layers are the processes to prepare the output map in-house as well as field QC to minimize the error percentage.

Consumer Tagging

Consumer Tagging

Consumer Tagging is a method for connecting the consumer to their respective poles, transformers and feeders. After identifying the consumers connected to the pole, consumer are mapped, data of spatial and non-spatial data are linked with the assets that is available with the Utility.

Single Line Diagram of Low Tension Line Survey and mapping

Asset Painting

Surface preparation of network assets is done before painting, Asset code generated in the GIS application of DTs, Transformers, Poles, Breakers etc including HT & LT poles is legibly painted on the electrical network asset.

Final Deliverable

  • Substation SLD & related attribute data
  • Feeder wise HT distribution network map
  • OT wise LT network distribution map
  • Final Consumer database with source pole connectivity (Database format)
  • Town wise FGDB as per pre-defined data model by the SI
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