Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Institutions & Statistics

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Key features of the application

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About the client

The client, Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Institutions & Statistics, was started as an attached department of Bangladesh Ministry of Education. It is a central depository of collecting, disseminating, and providing information to all stakeholders for building quality and standard educational statistics through educational data management.


The client wanted to develop a web GIS based application for analyzing, monitoring, and determining educational data visually. The client wanted the application to display educational information in two broad categories:

  • Information with respect to the administrative boundaries like Mouza, districts, thana, and more
  • Details of the educational institutes like the name of the institute, number of educational centers existing within an administrative boundary, the number of students (including gender details) studying in that institute, public services provided to these institutes, and many more

About the Project

In line with the client’s scope of work our web GIS team developed an application that could represent all educational data in parameters like administrative boundaries, and institute details. We were provided maps that contained the data, and integrated it into the web GIS system in a way that all administrative boundaries were directly displayed using the SHP files; the institutional details were updated on the map through the database. We used the following features to make the application all the more customized as the client’s scope of work.

Key features of the application

Easy Navigation Feature of The Application


A key feature of the application was to make it user friendly. To allow easy navigation various administrative boundaries are highlighted on factors like district, thana, mouza, and more. The application also highlights the information about the type of institute, the name of the institute, the educational level offered by the institute, and more.

Advanced Query

Advanced Query

This feature allows the website users to get detailed and extensive query on various minute parameters set in the system. The user can generate any query like administrative details, infrastructural details, details of the educational institute, number of students studying in an institute, the gender ratio, and more. The query option allows display of results in a visual as well as tabular format.

Dynamic Query And Reporting - BANBEIS


This feature allows the user to run a dynamic query and generate a report against it. The application is developed in such a way that the reports generated can have any number of columns based on the user’s requirements. The report can also be download in an excel format.

BANBEIS - Upload data through excel file

Excel Upload Feature

This feature allows the user to easily update any detail about the educational institutes into the database without getting any technical person involved. With the excel upload feature the user can directly upload the detailed information into the database as an excel sheet, the same will be then displayed in the application.