Detailed Base Line Survey & Base Map Preparation for Multiple Municipalities


A governmental body, State Urban Development Authority (SUDA) intended to create a long-term plan for the development of the state of West Bengal by contributing to the Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP) program. They had a requirement to conduct a baseline survey and map the land features of various municipalities for the purpose of analyzing their existing infrastructure and socio-economic condition. The baseline survey provides a reference which can be used to measure the progress and effectiveness of the project. CyberSWIFT undertook the work for multiple municipalities and completed it successfully.

Objectives of the Project

The key objective of the project was to create a detailed map to enable the concerned authorities to visualize the utility and property details of the municipalities along with other infrastructure. This enabled the authorities to identify the issues that were restricting the development of the municipalities.

The primary features of the regions of interest that were mapped for this project include:

  • Socio-economic standard of the people residing there
  • Educational status of the people
  • Water supply pipelines
  • Number of houses and their types
baseline survey

Baseline Survey

We conducted baseline surveys of the land features of the assigned municipalities to update the infrastructure scenario at the beginning of the project. This process involved field survey and documenting the raw data associated with the features surveyed to create a foolproof database. The natural infrastructure and the socio-economic structures were mapped from the details of the field survey. Our surveyors visited multiple municipalities to verify the existence of these features. The map created based on this highlights the administrative boundaries of the state.

thematic mapping

Thematic Mapping

The municipalities provided us with a few pre-defined themes for preparing the base maps. We presented these themes visually on the base maps created by us.

socio economic survey - urban development

Socio-Economic Survey

Our surveyors conducted door-to-door surveys to document the holding details of the properties belonging to those municipalities for which the work had been assigned to us. This survey included noting down the names of the actual property owners, verifying whether a property was being used for commercial or residential purpose etc. The purpose of this land-use mapping was to facilitate the town planning process.

property database integration

Interlinking of Property Database With GIS Application

The database of the properties in the concerned municipalities was provided to us by the Municipal Corporation. We interlinked this with the spatial data in the GIS application developed by us. Additionally, we used the GIS application to maintain the track record of the revenue and to increase it as per the requirement.

Final Deliverable

We delivered highly accurate base maps complete with the key features of the regions of interest. The maps highlight the issues that were preventing urban development in the concerned regions. Additionally, we suggested urban developmental plans for these regions to the client.